In Memory

John R. Bell

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Charles Holdaway

John was a wonderful and remarkable person, and he probably had more of an influence on my life than anyone else I have ever known. When it came to electronic technology and vacuum tubes (remember them?), and radio, particularly ham radio, he was "The Man"! I was always amazed at his acquired knowledge of these subjects, and I sometimes wondered if he was actually born with this knowledge. Everything he built and operated seemed to work exceptionally well, whereas I was always mystified and struggling to get my ham radio equipment to operate. Fortunately, his advice and mentoring made it possible for me to eventually succeed. I learned much from him, and I doubt that I would have succeeded in my profession if I had not been so inspired by him during the high school years.

Without him I might not even have a driver's license now, as he is the one who taught me to drive (and he was an excellent instructor). I still to this day remember lots of little "secrets" he taught me to enable me to be a better and safer driver.

My mom practically idealized him, wished I could be more like him, and invited him over for dinner frequently and on vacations with us. I think she often wished she could have had a son like him, and probably would have liked to trade me in (since I was not what you would call an ideal son and could be a handful at times). She and I really liked his keen and unique sense of humor.

I am heartbroken that I never got to see him again after moving away from Lexington. I had always been looking forward to getting back together with him someday and catching up on each other's activities. I will always remember him and miss him.

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